The Backbone

lachlan naef


"Jack of all trades, master of a few."

I have signs in my blood.  The crafting of AWESOME signage, designing, advertising and business branding has been a 10 year career I've embarked on.  I love my job.
I grew up in a very small town filling my time with music, art, building things, catching fish & riding bikes.

The spark for signage, typography and design came fromwatching my mother do calligraphy on wedding invites as a child, watching my father and grandfathers build strange contraptions and some Nudge's in the right direction from family.
Small towns can be tough for young kids but I spent every spare minute drawing or making general things.
Straight out of school I worked through various labouring trades,shearing sheds, had some stints in electronics, bicycle repairs, service stations andeventually finding that sign-craft job I was waiting for.  I've worked my way through every facet of the Sign Industry over the past 10 years, taking knowledge from every craftsman I've met and a lot learnt along the way through practice, practice practice and more practice!

Sign-craft is an ever evolving industry.  Having an appreciation for traditional signage and a keen eye on the new PRINT based era, I feel this has given myself a unique view on what I provide to my clients & a diverse outlook on signage possibilities. Gaining the broader skill-set to be adaptable to challenging design briefs and knowledge and skills for when paint or vinyl is appropriate. Having a broad skill-set is something I pride myself on and is often rare these days with the rise of the general sign-maker. I would describe myself an Jack of all trades, master of a few.

Mid 2014 alongside wife and growing family I felt the time had come and the appreciation of my craft was calling. That a resurrection of traditional skills would be needed. I Donned my cape and I leapt into business.  Duh da na naaa!!!!