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Signwriting Movie - Signwriting industry coming full circle

So if your wondering about the history behind Signwriting this might give you some insight.
A couple of guys over in America have been gathering with some of the old school Signwriters and got some words and history on film for our pleasure. Now screening around Australia and worth checking out if your nearby any of the stops.

If that just tickled your eye buds, then check out their website
Seems to have got people into the art behind signs again, there's workshops and galleries popping up showcasing traditional signwriting styles everywhere.

This shows a slight sign of an industry coming full circle, back to its roots.
Signwriting has its roots in typography and hand painted letter dating back to god knows when, I don't think anybody could date when it all began. Vinyl plotters and large format printers have come about the last handful of decades and made Signwriting a more commercial industry plastering prints on everything, billboards, vehicles and entire 40 story apartment walls. Have you walked through an airport lately?

You know what I mean?

But in the small business's people are bringing back that personal touch.  People are appreciating the results and its talked about with their customers. Many more comments are made after something is done by hand and brush in store.

A more creative and personal sign is a talking point with your business and its clients. Its something which should be considered to improve the vibe within your store, be it painted or the digital print.

At solid signs you can expect this kind of creativity and traditional approach. We also do the modern day digital, but as you may have just witnessed, there's something organic and alive about having an artists hands work on your walls and it receives a greater appreciation for its effort.

There is a benefit today with having a range of options and it all comes to down to what works best for you and your business.