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Lets Talk About Shopfront Signs !

So your about to start a business and thinking about your shopfront?

A big part of what we do is help start-ups and those in need of a re-brand get the most out of their Shopfront signage. From design, manufacture to install.

Colour choices are endless, Style options ranging from the modern 3d, and light-up letters, vinyl, print and the classic hand painted with traditional appeal.
Placement of logos can be big and bold or subtle to flaunt elegance and class.
The style you go with may determain alone who your clientele is going to be attracting the attention of a particular eyeball.
There is a lot to consider and its a tough call knowing where to begin to go in the right direction. That is where our skill, passion, background and knowledge is your going to be handy, very handy.

Where to start?

Being trade qualified we have surely done it all. Working with many local start-ups to design and install there shopfront signage as a crucial part of the branding. Appreciative and skilled in the old ways and equipped with all the modern gear. We got options, options, options!

Where we begin, digital shopfront colour selection.

Where we begin, digital shopfront colour selection.

Design with purpose!

It all starts with a blank canvas, then colour choices, signage styles through to signage placement locations.

Its about getting the desired impact of your markets attention through your choices of signs that will give off those good vibes man!

Small with ohhh power

Small with ohhh power



Its not always the biggest who get attention, it's those who take the time to think with extra consideration to what appeals to their niche market that make a difference. Get the eyeballs and become the new top dog.


If your interested to know more about benefits of having your shopfront designed or re-branded (moving it out of the 90's, that was 17 years ago man! ).
Want to poke some eyeballs out. Then Increased attention tp shopfront design to appeal fto your customers is paramount in shopfront design.

Start ups

We know its competitive and are here to help you get established with impact.
(Or the cliche "standout from the crowd")
Your future success is our mission and awesome signs for you is an awesome sign for us too.
(pun intended)


For those considering a re-brand. There is always potential and benefits in freshening up your brand to appeal to modern tastebuds and gather a new generation of customers.  Investing in your business signage can create huge potential and welcome new customers

To see our clients still killing it in years to come is our purpose!

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ABOVE, A range of projects we have had the pleasure of working with.

Locky Naef
Owner / designer / worker (everything) of Solid Signs

Handpainted Signs - we still got it!

Along with all the "New School" Sign things we do, we are also trained and still work the "Old School" brush styles. We consider ourselves as a rarity in the modern Sign game as we have retained the old hand-painted Sign skills while still killing the new print/wrap era.

Bossman on the brushes. Hand painting signs in the Solid Signs workshop.

Bossman on the brushes. Hand painting signs in the Solid Signs workshop.

Being in the Signage Industry we believe its incredibly important to appreciate and embrace where the industry has come from and use that in modern day to be progressive.

Branding tip.
Make every job out do your previous. It will become the most valuable & free advertising you will ever have.

Below is a collection of Signs we painted over the past 3 weeks, with one job leading to another. A nice change of pace from sitting at a computer and operating machines.

Locky Naef - Owner and everything- Solid Signs

Signwriting has a deep and interesting history with some creative and interesting characters. Here is one of them below!