Ironknuckles ... cool images inside


When I started Solid Signs to put it bluntly, was because where I was working became about pumping out cookie-cutter shit and it appeared the whole industry was going that same way(many years ago).

I wanted to use my skills and ideas to make "Cool Shit".To have a business that enables me to add my artistic skills, design ideas & marketing knowledge to the project.
To have a Sign Shop which wasn't run like a factory and to give myself the time to think creatively in a space free to explore and execute on those ideas.

Its nice now after 3.5 years of putting in extra hours and care, delivering designs and signage that has a purpose to the customer and relevant to their market.  Hearing comments from clients and strangers who have seen my work and give compliments on the job and details is rewarding.

I'm going to highlight a collection of signage I've done for one group in particular.  As its been a breathe of fresh air to work on these guys projects. This is the stuff the modern "signmakers" would not touch, as its not "easy money".  Who cares! I'm doing it for the love of creating coolness!


helmet wrap
handpainted sawblade

If you have had work done by myself feel free to leave a review wherever you please!



Locky Naef
Backbone of Solid Signs + El Studio