Vehicle signage & Does my business need it ?


Its overdue that we put together some advice on vehicle signage for you hard working business owners out there.

Being in the business for 10 years now, you could say we have done a load of signage on vehicles. We have seen by now what works and doesn't.
The advantages of owning a Marketing + Design (plug) and being a Signwriter is we can advise spending your advertising dollars wisely through those avenues which give the greater return value.
Nobody wants to throw their dollars in the drain on bad flags, we mean bad advertising.

Does my business need Vehicle Signs?

In 75% of cases the answer is a definite YES!
The scale and budget you should focus is variable. We will get to that later.

If you spend large amounts of your days on the road, doing deliveries or like us jobs come quick and get turned out quick leaving you to look or wait for the next. Get your name on your vehicles so while you are parked onsite or driving to get the morning coffee let your car signage do the talking.

Vehicle signs-01.jpg

Next time you're stuck in traffic look at the cars around you. Now think of them as all opportunistic potential customers.
If you don't have your branding on your vehicle look at all those potential clients your missing, DAILY!


Focus on Car Signs or Shopfront Signs?

Do more potential customers drive past your shopfront during a day or do you drive past more potential customers on the daily commute?

The answer will determine where to focus your dollars.
For some it can be 50-50 split. But for most there will be a clear imbalance.

Answered SHOPFRONT = Vehicle signage is less important. This may be the case with a lot of retail stores with heavy foot-traffic. You vehicle signage only needs to be minimal but not an avenue to forget completely. Focus your budget for shopfront, point of sale signage or targeted online marketing campaigns.

Answered DAILY COMMUTE = This may be the case for many trade based businesses,work from home or IT workers.
Your shopfront may be a dirty shed in a back alley or not even exist. So advertising on your Vehicle is of higher importance. See this as your biggest selling point. Your shopfront purely as a location to be marked and found. Focus your advertising on where it is seen and put more into it.
Park your vehicle near a busier road. When shopping, take the parking spots closest to the passing traffic.


Design of car signage is where you will win over the guy with Joe Plumber in Arial. Blog post pending, check back soon.